WATCH: Trump attacked patriots to cover up his misconduct, Demings argues | Trump impeachment trial

President Donald Trump attacked military personnel who have served the nation in his attempt to cover up his wrongdoing, Rep. Val Demings, a House manager, argued during the Senate impeachment trial on Jan. 24. “President Trump’s campaign of witness intimidation is reprehensible, debases the presidency and was part of his effort to obstruct the impeachment inquiry,” Demings said, as she urged senators not to “condone” his actions. After spending two days laying out the case for the first article of impeachment — abuse of power — House Democrats spent the better part of Friday making the case for the second article of impeachment — obstruction of Congress. The House of Representatives impeached the president in December. The Senate trial will determine whether Trump is acquitted, or convicted of the two articles of impeachment and removed from office.

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