How NATO outlived its usefulness — is US to blame? (Full show)

President Trump flew to London, UK for 2019’s annual NATO summit on Monday, vowing to push the member states to shoulder more of the financial burden for the aging alliance. Rick Sanchez explains why NATO has lost its credibility. Then RT America’s Alex Mihalovich joins to discuss NATO’s military exercises and its belligerent posture toward Russia. (04:45) NATO, the 70-year-old military alliance orbiting Washington, is suffering from internal discord and the slow realization that it may have outlived its purpose. Former US diplomat Jim Jatras and RT producer Nebojsa Malic join Rick Sanchez to share their expertise. (08:43) RT America’s Sara Montes de Oca reports on the unprecedented deal between Beijing and Moscow to build the “Power of Siberia” pipeline and associated infrastructure before “Boom Bust” host Christy Ai shares her insights. (16:39) Former NTSB director of Government, Public and Family Affairs Jamie Finch weighs in on why the FAA has taken over the certifying process for all new Boeing 737 Max aircraft. (20:17) Plus, RT America’s Michele Greenstein explains reports on how more and more hospital patients in the US are being threatened with jail. (23:30)

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