US brags about meddling everywhere but Israel (Full show)

US State Sec Mike Pompeo has reversed a decades-old legal opinion to regard the Israeli Settlements in occupied Palestine as illegal and has pledged not to take sides in Israeli-Palestinian conflicts. Rick Sanchez exposes the State Department’s hypocrisy. Then RT’s Caleb Maupin reports on Washington’s continuing sanctions on Iran and the country’s recent eruption into violent protests. Former US diplomat Jim Jatras joins to discuss the Trump Administration’s new Israel policy, pointing out that it’s “designed to help [Israeli Prime Minister] Bibi Netanyahu.” He also discusses the Trump impeachment inquiry, arguing that not even President Trump’s allies dare challenge the Democrats’ narratives about Ukraine and Russia. (08:40) Supporters of Venezuela’s Washington-backed opposition figure Juan Guaido staged an unimpressive protest against President Maduro on Saturday. Has Venezuela’s US-stoked political crisis ended for good? Lucas Koerner, political analyst and editor of, shares his insights. (13:00) Swedish prosecutors will not pursue their rape investigation of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange any further, due to the “long period of time that has elapsed since the events in question.” Assange remains in UK prison, fighting extradition to the US to answer for a wholly separate indictment. RT America’s Michele Greenstein has the details. (18:06) Plus, we watch an hilarious scene from the protesters trying in vain to destroy a French bus bench.

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