US boys drugged just for being boys (Full show)

Sales of ADHD drugs increased by 89 percent in just four years. Nearly half of patients thus medicated will experience mood issues and that six percent will experience psychotic symptoms like suicidal ideation. Rick Sanchez discusses the overmedication of students. (3:52) Broadcasting icon Larry King joins to discuss the evolution of television news. (13:09) RT’s Charlotte Dubinskij reports from explosive riots as protesters battle police in Paris, France. (15:09) The UK’s disgraced Prince Andrew will be keeping his role in Canada’s military as titular Colonial-in-Chief of three regiments. (17:45) RT America’s Alex Mihailovich reports. RT America’s Steve Christakos and Regina Ham join for “Jock Talk” to discuss the wackiest sports moments of the week. RT America’s Michele Greenstein discusses the predicted rise in ubiquitous surveillance and facial recognition technology. (21:32) Plus, comedian Lee Camp, host of “Redacted Tonight,” joins to discuss food stamp reforms in the US and protests in France.

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