FULL SHOW: Eric Garner’s mother testifies on Capitol Hill

It’s been more than five years since the tragic death of Eric Garner on the streets of Staten Island, where he was put in an out-of-policy police chokehold by then-officer Daniel Pantelo. Eric Garner’s mother is on Capitol Hill on Thursday to testify about police practices she believes led to her son’s untimely death. D Watkins, editor-at-large at, weighs in (11:32). Iran’s foreign minister is warning of an “all-out war” if the US or Saudi Arabia launch military strikes in retaliation for the Saudi oil attacks, which Iran has denied involvement (0:58). Plus, another lawsuit has been filed against the estate of deceased sexual predator Jeffrey Epstein, naming two co-conspirators who were connected to the convicted pedophile when he got away with an extremely light plea deal more than a decade ago (18:54).

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