Capitalism on trial in Chile – will it survive?

The common folk of Chile are engaged in weeks of violent protest against social inequality in their country. Twenty people have been killed and the government openly regards itself as at war with its own people. Rick Sanchez shows us the roots of Chile’s unrest. Then he takes us through some of the most extreme instances of the horrific and escalating violence in Hong Kong. Then “Boom Bust” host Christy Ai, investigative journalist Ben Swann and RT producer Dr. Enrique Rivera share their insights about Chile’s failing experiment in crony capitalism run amok. Broadcasting icon Larry King weighs in on President Donald Trump and the Democratic contenders for the presidency. RT’s Yulia Shapovalova reports on Egypt’s plan to buy Russian warplanes and Washington’s reaction. RT America’s Michele Greenstein explains the legal controversy surrounding worshipers barring women of childbearing age from a temple in India. Plus, comedian and host of “Redacted Tonight” Lee Camp discusses mainstream coverage of the coup in Bolivia.

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