Boy Scouts of America: “Perversion Files” Reveal DECADES of Child Sex Abuse

Mike Papantonio talks shop with Robert Dicello, attorney for Arnold Black in a landmark civil case against an East Cleveland Police Department supervisor. In 2012, Black was wrongfully arrested and beaten before being confined to a de facto supply closet for four days without food, water, or a bathroom. The case’s $50 million settlement marks a victory against the widespread culture of police brutality, which often targets black Americans and continues to plague cities across the U.S.

Then, RT correspondent Brigida Santos walks us through Amazon’s rollout of its Rekognition facial detection software and Ring home security system. With the ability to track users’ emotions as well as provide continuous remote monitoring of our residences, this raises concerns of an ever-growing surveillance state, as these features are now becoming available to law enforcement agencies.

Plus, legal journalist Mollye Barrows busts open the “Perversion Files” kept secret by the Boy Scouts of America, which document HUNDREDS of scout leaders and staff accused of child sex abuses dating back to the 1940’s. The recent rollout of the Child Victims Act in New York has prompted scores of victims to file lawsuits against organizations like the Boy Scouts and the Catholic Church. Are we finally reaching a turning point for survivors of sexual abuse?

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